If you missed our July 2017’s Coffee Meet-up …

July Meeting’s Wrap-Up

Local First Lexington’s Coffee Meet-Ups are small by design. The purpose of these monthly meetings is to connect with your fellow members, build relationships, and learn from one another.

We believe that Lexington is full of great ideas, and when we come together to share what makes our businesses succeed, we build a stronger, more sustainable local economy. Each coffee meet-up has a discussion topic. July was all about employees: Hiring, Training, and Retention.

Here is what some of our participants had to say about July’s meeting:

“I truly enjoyed the meeting this morning. Thanks for the idea sharing!” –  Davonna Saier, MHA Marketing Director, Lexington Diagnostic Center & OPEN MRI

“Thank you everybody for making this morning so enjoyable! Can’t think of a better way to start off a Friday. Already looking forward to next time.” –  Nick Lasky, Director of Marketing, CMI Human Resource Consulting

Building Strong Employees – Talking Points

For those who could not join us in July, we’ve compiled some of the basic tips and tricks shared at the meeting.


  • When you post job listings, show potential employees how the job will benefit them. Stronger, more qualified candidates respond well to postings that have them in mind. Talented applicants know they can succeed at a position. They want to know what your company can offer them.
  • Attendees have had success in posting job listings to Indeed, to LinkedIn, and to smaller community organization pages/ listservs (ex. Transy Alumni, Women Leading Kentucky), also through word of mouth.
  • If you really want to get to know your candidates, try interviewing them in different locations and times. We all react to different environments in diverse ways. If you want to know different sides of a candidate, literally try seeing him or her in a different light.
  • Group interviews: Panel interviews with leadership have been beneficial. If your business is fairly c
    ompetitive in nature, consider hosting a group interview. Having several candidates interview together can make it easier to see if a candidate can thrive in your high-paced, highly competitive environment.
  • People want to work somewhere with up-to-date technology.
  • Companies should address bad reviews in order to attract high quality candidates. Tip: You can set up Google Alerts for anyone who mentions your company online.
  • Applicant process should be ongoing for a business so that you don’t make hasty or desperate quick hires.
  • Letting your current employees be a part of the hiring process encourages investment from the whole team.


  • How do you make your employees invest in where they work? Attendees said: Showing Gratitude – Consistent employee evaluations – Conducting “stay interviews” (similar to exit interviews).
  • Attendees also said annual reviews are good, but employees often expect a pay raise after any evaluation.
  • How do you make an introvert feel appreciated at work? Attendees said: give them a task to show their talents.
  • Your training process should be consistent for each employee so that you can perfect your training process. Managers/owners should also go through the same training process.
  • Employees should be encouraged to attend outside community events. This both makes the employees feel valued as people, for their outside interests, and helps promote your company throughout the community.
  • It takes 6.2 months to recoup the financial investment of hiring a new employee.
  • Let employees teach themselves and give guidance along the way. This builds independence in employees.

Employee Retention

  • Does firing help retain good employees? Yes and no. Attendees agreed it depended on the offence. Consequences do encourage good employees to stay, but in some instances firing may not be enough of a consequence. Take theft for an example. Some employees may feel that just firing someone who has been stealing from the company is not enough, and the company should press charges against the offender.
  • Providing small perks for your employees is key! Especially food. Free food has shown 56% increase in employee satisfaction.

We can’t wait to see you at our next Coffee Meet-Up!

Friday, August 11
8:00am -10:00am
Lussi Brown
114 Church St. Lexington, KY

Topic: Burn Out. Staying motivated in the work place.